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PureWorks 2.5 oz antibacterial skin foam item # 10072
PureWorks :: Foam :: 2.5oz Antibacterial Foam

2.5oz Antibacterial Foam

2.5oz Antibacterial Foam

2.5oz Antibacterial Foam

These non-toxic, alcohol-free products kill germs very effectively. They are gentle to the skin and do not sting or irritate when used to sanitize the skin or treat minor cuts and scrapes. Our foam products comply with or exceed all requirements set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration for antibacterial hand sanitizers and first aid antiseptics. PureWorks’ Antibacterial Foam helps protect against bacterial contamination and help guard against the risk of infection. The active ingredient in the foam benzethonium chloride, recognized world-wide as a safe and effective antimicrobial compound. This “fourth-generation” quaternary ammonium compound is gentle to the skin while being tough on bacteria. Unlike many of the alcohol-based hand sanitizers on the market today, PureWorks’ Antibacterial Foam is alcohol free and non-flammable. Rather than drying or irritating the skin, PureWorks’ products soften and condition the skin while providing hours of lasting protection against bacteria and harmful germs that cause illness. Repeated use of this product between washing leaves treated skin feeling soft and smooth. Unique emollients have also been incorporated into the formulation to enhance the skin’s vitality and good health. Whether used for their cosmetic feel or medical attributes, PureWorks’ Antibacterial Foam helps guard against the risk transmitting disease while conditioning and moisturizing the skin.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Dan Davidson
    These products are fantastic. I use them a dozen or more times per day. They are non drying and I am totally healthier...Thank you
  • Author: Scott Carter
    I loe these products and would not travel withouit them. It's about time someone made a gentel product for the skin
  • Author: Iran Pitre
    It is truly amazing to use a product for your family that performs as advertised. This is the real deal when it comes to protection, and the way it performs on body odor is just amazing!